If you’ve never heard of Hammerglass before, don’t worry – we’re here to tell you exactly what it is and why your business needs it.

It’s unbreakable

As the name suggests, this glass is tough – in fact, it’s unbreakable – which makes it perfect for businesses that want to protect against vandalism, burglary, or breakage. That’s why so many shops, schools, police stations, offices, and industrial premises opt for Hammerglass over the standard alternative.

So if you’d like to make sure your business premises in Slough or Maidenhead has the protection you need, this glass is your best bet.

It’s perfect for new projects and glass replacement

If you’re looking for a way to make sure the glass in your premises lasts for many years to come, Hammerglass is the way forward. The glass typically lasts for 40 years without the need for replacement.

Find out more about Hammerglass today

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