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Fire Doors Watford & Hemel Hampstead

At Safeguard Glass, we understand that for your business, safety and security is paramount. We've seen the popularity of our fire doors increase in recent years, as wider society is beginning to further recognise the importance of proper health and safety. On many new builds, fire-proof doors are even a compulsory requirement.

Our selection of fire doors help slow down the spread of smoke and fire, allowing you and your colleagues a little more vital time to exit the building in the event of a fire and safely secure the building when unattended. They really are a wise investment and could make all the difference if a fire breaks out in your property. Safeguard Glass supply and fit a range of fire doors in Hemel Hampstead and Watford. We are able to carry out comprehensive risk assessments on your property and recommend the best door to meet your needs and budgets, and our skilled installers will fit your door, adhering to all industry legislations, to ensure that your property is safe.

Steel Doors Hemel Hampstead & Watford

One of the most popular types of door we supply in Hemel Hampstead and Watford are our steel doors. Renowned for their high security, steel doors can assist in protecting your property from fire, intruders and inclement weather conditions. Steel is an extremely strong and durable material which is resistant to damage. Unlike some other materials, it requires very little maintenance and does not deteriorate easily over time, and so a steel door really is a fantastic investment.

Invest in safety and durability today with our fantastic range of versatile doors, for both interior and exterior use. To get started, just get in touch on 0800 328 5390 or contact us online.

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