Why Carry Out School Maintenance During Summer Holidays?

As an environment designed to nurture the potential of students, your school property not only needs to look its best but also needs to offer a sense of security, professionalism and well-being. You are investing in the future, and the quality of the learning environment tells students exactly how much you are willing to invest – how far you’re willing to go to stand by your students and lift them to the heights they long to soar.

Guarding Your Professional Image

Corporations, conglomerates, even small businesses will tell you that your property is perhaps the single most defining characteristic of your ‘brand’ image. Mottos, mission statements and even teachers themselves are all subject to the discernment that comes from conceptual thinking, while the image sinks straight into the hearts and minds of observers. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words, and that cracked paint or stiff door does more than cause a little inconvenience. So, hiring maintenance teams, painters, builders and plumbers not only cause congestion and inconvenience during term times, but also creates a different kind of environment.

Keeping Your School a School, and Not a Playground

Kids are inquisitive – it’s in their nature, and it’s part of how they learn. Strangers in the hallways, tools lying about, and these things can turn students into magpies. They see something different to their day to day work and they have to get involved. While routine maintenance rarely causes any kind of problem, more significant maintenance such as replacing windows and doors or installing an upgrade to existing features often invites more than a little curiosity. Aside from the inconvenience to maintenance teams, this kind of work represents a health and safety concern. Power tools, sharps, electric cables and plate-glass all need a safe, professional environment for their use.

It’s for these reasons that we recommend significant repair, maintenance or renovation work is done in the school holidays. Aside from the curiosity of kids and health and safety concerns, these types of jobs often take time and space for their completion. Often, we need to close down whole rooms during the maintenance work, or cordon off whole corridors.

In a business or domestic environment, the work we do often involves closing down certain areas of the property while we do the work – something that is just not practical in a school with many hundreds of pupils. Further, the summer holidays afford the advantage of giving us and you time to survey the property and carry out work that meets your standards.